Equal Access 2 Edutainment

FREE & Discount priced educational entertainment resources

Education + Entertainment = EDÜTainment

All students deserve enjoyable
learning experiences

AspireSTAR - Aspire Innovative Learning, Inc.

The formal process of teaching and learning to increase knowledge, skill, or understanding. 
The action of providing amusement to foster interest, pleasure, and enjoyment. 
Teaching and learning that increases knowledge, skill, or understanding by fostering interest, pleasure, and enjoyment. 

Increase Student Engagement.

Who cares?

Members, committed to educational innovation, connecting Individual students from low-income families to Edutainment companies that offer free and discount priced tickets.

Why care?

Edutainment-based instruction is proven to increase student engagement. Fun learning supports academic achievement.

Where do we go?

Face-to-face & Virtual field trips to educational entertainment activities guided by an Academic Coach.

How does it work?

Create profiles, interact with others, and receive free & discount priced tickets.

In what context?

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
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