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Education Innovation Clusters accelerate the pace of innovation by bringing together education, research, and commercial partners.
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EDÜT International School 

Florida Department of Education - Private School Code 5459
EDÜT International School

Research and Innovation

We are poised to provide both online and face-to-face instructional service.  Our current production of the EDÜT App enhances our ability to provide equal access to edutainment. In the future, the Edutainment Centers will provide a fun learning environment that features leading educational technologies and the best practices in edutainment-based instruction. 
To be considered an education innovation cluster, a region will articulate the connection between three key partners; educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs – each adding their unique strengths to the network.
  • Educational partners provide an environment where emerging learning technologies can be piloted and new solutions can be developed with input from students and teachers. Educational partners might be early learning providers, public and/or private schools, libraries, community centers, after school programs, institutions of higher education, or virtual learning environments. These innovative schools and learning centers provide the flexibility and capability to rapidly develop, test, and collect data on new approaches and products.
  • Research partners conduct basic and applied research related to advancing the field of learning science. They can be integrally connected to the entrepreneurial partners to ensure effective design of learning technologies. They would also have deep relationships with the educational partners to streamline the collection of data and outcomes to conduct ongoing evaluations of the products and approaches developed in the cluster.
  • Commercial partners infuse new technologies to address problems and help scale and market successful implementations. They can also provide investment capital to accelerate the commercialization of intellectual property and increase the probability of success of new enterprises built on the knowledge and solutions generated in the cluster. The quality and relevance of products will greatly improve with consistent access to the educational and research partners in the cluster.