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EDÜT International School is prepared for feasible phases of agile expansion. According to the Office of Civil Rights within the U.S. Department of Education there were approximately 3.2 million students in public schools in gifted and talented programs; participation varies widely by state and by demographic subgroup. EDÜT International School is doing more to ensure quality and equity in access to services and the Florida’s Education Option places emphasis on its voucher program that permits parents to seek out private providers that better serve their child’s educational needs. We are working with Florida’s Office of Independent Education and Parent Choice to meet the needs of diverse populations. EDÜT International School anticipates an incremental increase of students enrollment as course offerings are made available. We are strategically designed to meet the demands of Innovation Funding and US spending trends within the Edutainment industry. EDÜT International School has little to no direct competition in the online education of exceptionally gifted students with unique learning abilities. 

Together, each member is essential to interdisciplinary collaboration to develop new ways to meet the needs of target families.

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Resources are available to help build the future of learning. We invest in innovation that features edutainment technologies. Our aspiration is towards transformation in education.

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Educational change involves both improving on current best practices and innovating new ideas. An investment in Innovation is an investment in tomorrows classroom. Our online community of experts are change agents in providing Equal Access 2 Edutainment.